Top 5 sex fantasies or wishes by Filipinas

What is your top 5 sex fantasy or activity? For Filipinas and even women of other countries, these are it.

1. Sex outdoors - According to surveys, most women fantasize of having sex outdoors. According to women who responded, sex outdoors is exciting and is a unanimous top fantasy. It pumps a girl up and gives her the feeling of real thrill. Sometimes, they worry of people getting to see them having sex but this is part of the excitement. The combination of hiding while having the pleasurable feeling of caresses, kisses and of course penetration is a wondrous feeling. Add to that the freshness of a new environment -being out in nature just adds to the pleasure of sex.

2. Sex while pretending to be sleeping - Believe it or not, a lot of women want to be groped and kissed and made love to while they're sleeping! Sometimes, they're pretending to be sleeping and wear skimpy skirts or shorts to invite their man. 
According to women, while pretending to be sleeping and not moving at all, they want their man to start touching them lightly. Maybe the man can start running his fingers lightly over a woman's legs. Then after that his hands can slowly but still lightly go up the woman's thighs. Gently and slowly, a man can make circles with his hands over the woman's thighs. Then gentle and light kisses on the neck and breast can follow. After that, groping and heavy kisses can follow while he undresses the girl. Sex can be so much fun for the man and the woman in this kind of play. It's like bondage because the woman submits to the man in every way but without the actual hurting due to straps, handcuffs or other means of getting tied.

If you suddenly saw your girl sleeping like this in your bed what would you do next? How would you approach?

The answer according to women is that they want it slow. Touch them gently and slowly then building up speed. Touch slowly + Kiss gently + Lick their pussy gently with your soft tongue + Penetrate slowly + slow in and out motions x faster motions = mind blowing sex

3. Threesome - According to women, a sex fantasy that is quite exciting is having another girl come over their bedroom and join her and her husband in their love making. Survey says there are a good number of women ages 25-40 who fantasize about having another girl join them while having sex. Women want to see their husband have sex with a new girl while she ( the wife) video tapes the action. Likewise, wives or girlfriends want to french kiss other girls or touch another girl while the husband watches or does whatever sex thing he wants.
A man who has a wife or girlfriend who wants another girl in bed with them is so lucky, isn't he? 

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