Do women really prefer bigger penises?

You want the straight and no bullshit answer?... Yup, penis size does matter and women generally enjoy bigger dicks. But you know what’s true too? Women enjoy sex not only because the man has a big dick. More important to know, women enjoy having sex with a man who knows how to use his joystick regardless of the size. Now that is a damn fact!

We men have always wanted to know if the size of our penises truly makes a difference in pleasing our partners in bed. As said above, a bigger dick does please more. How and why?

A bigger penis (girth) is felt so much more inside a woman's vagina. It is more pleasurable for them.

Women's confessions

I interviewed several neighbors and friends about how they like sex to be. 90% of the women I spoke to said they wished their partners had bigger cocks. They specifically said the girth and the head’s size are the parts of the penis that’s most important. A bigger and harder penis head fills the vagina. It rubbing along the walls of the vagina and the G-spot creates pleasurable sensations as compared to a thin penis with a small head.
One married friend I talked to wishes her husband had a bigger cock. Let’s call her Anna. She says she can’t feel anything inside her vagina when they have sex. All she feels is the bumping of pelvises and the sensations a woman can feel on the outside. Inside her vagina, there’s zip… nothing. So understandably, she wishes there’s something that can be done.
Janet on the other hand, a friend who I talked to when we were in college said she enjoyed sex so much for her husband’s dick is big. Now that guy is six feet tall and probably weighed more than 200 lbs. In one time when we were drinking and talking about sex, she revealed that her husband’s penis was so big that every motion of it entering then coming out then entering her vagina again created heavenly sensations. Again it’s the girth and penis head that created that feeling. She described her husband’s penis as having the girth of a large banana.

What can you do if you naturally have a thin penis? Anyone care to share?

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